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Serving with Casa de Fe

We promise, after visiting Casa de Fe, you will never be the same. Our children will capture your heart.


One of the ways you can serve is by coming to Casa de Fe. We encourage everyone to visit. Come as a family, come with a friend, or bring a team. Come for a week or stay longer.

It’s always a blessing to see who God brings our way, how he puts teams together and the different energy they each bring. Some teams are project-focused and help around campus with construction and everyday upkeep. Other teams host vacation bible school, exercise, and teach crafts or music. Others bring physical therapist, dentist, and speech pathologist.

God doesn’t call the equipped – He equips the called.” Although we value individuals with education and experience in their respective areas, we also value anyone who is eager to share other unique gifts which God has blessed them with.

If you want to serve for a few months or just a few days, we need you! 

Host a fundraiser at your church or event.

We make it easy.

It's easy to donate offline too. Click for mailing address

Always, join us in prayer.

  •  For the children of Casa de Fe to know and experience the love of God.

  •  For the children of Casa de Fe to grow and learn mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.​

  •  For the Tias' health and well-being as they provide for the day-to-day needs of the children.​

  • For the directors of Casa de Fe to stay focused on  caring for the children and energized to remain present and active as they serve our organization. 

  • For the staff and administration to have the strength and wisdom to continue the work of the Lord.

  • For God to continue to provide for and bless Casa de Fe for years to come. 

Not able to visit Ecuador?

You can help by becoming a financial donor. Casa de Fe operates on donations only. You can be assured that 100% of your donations go to Casa de Fe.

Due to generous financial donations from individuals and churches like you, Casa de Fe has been able to better care for the children through the purchase of a minibus and supplies to complete the Forever Home. The much-needed minibus will help transport our children/teens and our special needs children to and from school, doctor appointments and field trips.

The Forever Home will provide security for our special needs adults, offering them a place to call their own.

Reach out today and let us know if you are interested in serving or being a monthly doner. We would love to have you!
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