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Our Work

Every day the staff of Fundacion Casa de Fe care for between 45 and 60 beautiful, Ecuadorian children. Its like day-to-day parenting on a massive scale. The children's needs constantly change and always require self-less, Christ-like love.  They range in age from newborn to teenagers. Some have contact with their families and some have been cleared for adoption through the Ecuadorian government. Every child is in a unique and often heart-breaking situation when they arrive at Casa de Fe.

Fundacion Casa de Fe welcomes them with open arms and glimpses of God's love. We operates two separate homes on our property in Shell, Ecuador. One for the younger children, Casa de Fe (House of Faith) and one for the older children, Casa de los Suenos. (House of Dreams) Each home provides what the children need at different stages of life. Casa de Fe builds a foundation and helps the children begin to grow up. While Casa de los Suenos, provides a full-time home to young adults with special needs and vocational or educational training for teens to help them become self-sufficient adults.


Both homes focus on teaching the children to build personal relationships with God. Because it is through HIM that they will accomplish all that HE has in store for them. What age range do you feel most called to serve? 

Casa de los Suenos

The mission of Casa de Los Suenos is to provide a safe and loving home, guided by the Holy Spirit, where our young people can complete their education, grow in wisdom and faith, and transition into independence.  

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Casa de Fe

Casa de Fe is focused on rescuing abandoned, abused, and special needs children. We provide for their physical, spiritual, and educational needs in a loving, supportive home environment.

“There is no greater joy, nor greater reward than to make a fundamental difference in someone’s life.” Mary Rose McGeady

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