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Our Board Members

When you donate to Casa de Fe every dollar goes directly to the needs of the children in our care. Our Board of Directors and partner charity,  Hope Extended, cover all the administrative costs. Will you help a child today?

Ben Atchley
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Ben is a graduate of Liberty University, which is where he started a 31-year career in Law Enforcement. He retired from the Albany Oregon Police Department in 2010 and became the Pastor of Eastside Christian Church in Albany, Oregon. He has been involved in missions much of his life and traveled to many countries on short-term mission trips. Casa de Fe is one of the missions that Eastside Christian Church supports monthly. The first moment Ben stepped on the Casa de Fe campus, he knew this place would be part of life. Ben leads trips to Casa de Fe on a regular basis.

John Bankowski Sr  

John and his wife Natalie felt the call the be active in ministry work, especially orphanages, when they were baptized and recommitted their lives to Christ in July of 2021. Inspired by James 1:27, the couple visited Casa de Fe that September. John was a commercial painting contractor in Connecticut and South Carolina before becoming a real estate apprisor. He and Natalie live in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where they have been active in their church advisory committees, HOA, Boy Scouts, and other non-profit organizations. They have a son, a daughter, and a grandson. 

Jerry Clark

Jerry Clark retired in 2020 from his position as Chief Student Affairs Officer for the University of Mississippi Medical Center. He earned a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from the University of Mississippi and a Master of Business Administration from Letourneau University. He is an active member of First Baptist Church of Madison, Mississippi, where he serves on the Personnel Committee and the Church Council. In retirement, he’s focused on mission projects, three children, two grandchildren, fly fishing and spending time with his wife Michelle. His first trip to Casa de Fe was life-changing. He and Michelle return now as often as possible.

Charlsie Estess

Charlsie lives in Brookhaven, Mississippi, with her husband and their two sons. She worked in international finance and corporate strategic planning before tackling full-time parenting. She writes Christian fiction and serves on several boards. Casa de Fe became an important part of her life during a summer mission trip with her son. Charlsie serves as Hope Extended’s secretary, and organizes First Baptist Church Brookhaven’s Annual ‘Tis the Season fundraiser, supporting Casa de Fe. Charlsie looks forward to being back in Ecuador loving on the Casa de Fe children, and offering her spiritual gifts and professional skills to further kingdom work.

Bob Jamison

After retiring from the software industry in 2017, Bob was looking for new avenues to channel his energies. He joined a team from Cormorant Lutheran Church in Minnesota and visited Casa de Fe.  While at Casa de Fe, Patti Sue asked him to help Hope Extended with some financial aspects of the organization and a couple of months later, Bob began serving as treasurer. He feels his calling is to assist and serve the staff, volunteers, and donors who work with the kids at Casa de Fe in order to make their lives better. He is especially interested in the Vocational Education program at CdF.

Kim King Picture_edited.png
Kim King

Kim is a wife, mother of four boys, and grandmother of eight. She is a self-employed accountant, treasurer and trustee of Oakdale Baptist Church in Brandon, Mississippi, where she is a member, state of Mississippi treasurer for the Christian Motorcyclist Association, and avid volunteer. She has a B.S. in Business Administration with an accounting emphasis from Mississippi College.

Growing up in a broken, abusive home, she has a heart for children who come from the same background. She has worked and taught Bible classes at the Canopy Children’s Home in Jackson, Mississippi and at the Juvenile Detention Center in Pelahatchie, Mississippi. She took her first trip to Casa de Fe in July 2021. Since that first trip, she has led several teams to Casa de Fe, with many more to come. Every time she leaves Casa de Fe, she starts planning the next trip. Kim has a heart for children who come from difficult backgrounds. Growing up with a similar background, she has compassion and empathy for the children.

Duncan Olson Picture.JPG
Duncan Olson

Duncan has been connected to Casa de Fe since living in Shell Ecuador in 2012. While living there and working at the missionary-run hospital, he got the opportunity to work with church teams, the construction crew, and Patti Sue to help build the building that is now housing for teams. While in Shell, he met and married his wife, Jessica, and they have a boy and a girl. Since moving to Idaho late in 2012, they have traveled with teams to Casa de Fe and feel blessed to bring their children along also. 

Omer Troyer   

Omer is a lifelong educator. After spending 30 years in the public school system in Iowa, 25 as an administrator, Omer branched out looking for new ways to use and continue to advance his experience as an educator. He traveled around the world to Bahrain for 8 years and Ecuador since 2005, helping to bring the best education to children as well as helping to improve their learning environment and teaching staff. Omer is an avid learner himself, always seeking to learn from others to better serve those around him. Omer has served on the Board of HE since its inception. He and his wife, Mary Jane spent several months at Casa de Fe in 2010 when the Orphanage moved from downtown Shell to its present location. Omer’s passion for the children of Casa de Fe has brought him to serve on the board of Directors of Hope Extended as Education and Financial advisor.

Libby Unruh

Libby joined the Hope Extended board in 2020 and acts as the Media Manager. Casa de Fe first stole her heart on a college mission trip in 2018 and has never let go! She saw a glimpse of Heaven when she entered the bright green building that was displayed through the blissful laughs and smiles of the kids, truly a place of simplicity and hope. Because of CdF, Libby has a new perspective and inspiration to enjoy the little things in life. She is honored to serve such a great organization! 
Libby works in finance and resides in Oklahoma. She seeks to glorify God by using her passions and talents to serve others. In her free time, she enjoys drinking coffee and spending time with family and friends. 

Eden White

Eden was born and raised in Collins, MS where she still lives today. She has been married to her husband since 2019. She has work experience in banking and accounting. Eden is currently the accounting manager at Whitestone Transportation, a trucking company in Moselle, MS. 
Eden attends Dwelling Place Church. Her passion in her church life is focused on missions and community outreach. Since Eden was saved in 2000, she has always taken part in any mission-related work that she could.
While Eden does not have children of her own, she finds joy in every visit to Casa de Fe. She is always excited to support the children and caregivers with love and helping hands. Her heart was captured by Casa de Fe during her first visit in March of 2022. When she was presented with the opportunity to join a team and visit Casa de Fe. She immediately knew she needed to follow what God was telling her to do and join the team. She says she never expected her heart to be touched the way it was during that trip. After more visits, Eden now finds Casa de Fe as a “second home” and refers to it as her “little slice of Heaven on Earth.” She has developed a friendship with so many special people from Ecuador that will never be forgotten. She is always looking forward to her next trip to Casa de Fe! 

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