Fundacíon Casa de Fe

Fundacíon Casa de Fe was formed in 2005 in response to the need for a loving, nurturing environment for neglected, abused and abandoned children in the jungle region of Ecuador. Casa de Fe currently cares for around 45 children; many of whom have special medical needs. Unfortunately, many of the children that end up at Casa de Fe are behind in their emotional, physical, and mental development. This is troublesome because they can no longer stay at Casa de Fe once they reach 18 even though many are not ready to function on their own. Casa de los Suenos (House of Dreams) was started in 2017 as an answer to this problem, and it functions as a place of transition for those who age out of Casa de Fe but still have a ways to go developmentally. Staying at Casa de los Suenos allows these young adults the opportunity to finish school and reach a better level of emotional maturity before having to be out on their own.  Hope Extended  is the US supporting agency for Fundacíon Casa de Fe. It is a 501c3 non-profit corporation that was created to accept and disperse donations to  organizations including Casa de Fe and Casa de los Suenos.

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