Our Vision and Belief


Believing that all children are created in God’s image, Casa de Fe exists as a Christ-centered ministry and an integral part of the body of Christ, and is focused on caring for abandoned, abused, and special needs children. We provide for their physical, spiritual, and educational needs in a loving supportive environment, with the ultimate goal of assisting each of God’s children to achieve their highest potential in His Kingdom whether that may be through re-insertion, adoption, or caring for children long term.


We believe that our special needs, abused, and abandoned children are special children of our God, who makes no mistakes in His creation and who commands each of us to care for and love “even the most humble among us.”

Casa de Fe exists an integral part of the greater body of Christ. It is our desire to share in God’s work with our prayer, financial and volunteer partners in a way that honors and glorifies Him.

We believe that the sanctification process is ongoing and hope to serve and minister to all whom God brings to Casa de Fe: the children, missionary staff, native construction workers and caretakers, and visitors. It is our goal to minister to all in the body of Christ whose paths intersect with ours at Casa de Fe.

Our Commitment

 We are committed at Casa de Fe to love, educate, and serve children who do not have homes due to abandonment, neglect, and abuse. Many children at Casa de Fe have mental and/or physical handicaps that require care that others are unwilling to provide, and many children we care for come from distant Amazonian jungle villages with no other available social support. Nearly all children are below grade level in education and many require immediate medical support. It is our commitment to provide for the total needs of each child, and it is our desire to never turn a child away. Our staff psychologist and chaplain provide for the emotional and spiritual needs of each child. Their physical needs are met as well, including medication, physical therapy, surgery, and specialized long term care for those with advanced medical needs. We provide education for the younger children in a school on our campus, and we provide tutors for all children to help them to excel in their education. 

To provide for the total needs of each child we need much support.  For information on how to partner with us in caring for these children please see the "Get Involved" portion of our website. 

About Adoption

We believe that God intended for every child to grow up in a loving family of their own. While Casa de Fe is not an adoption agency and does not process adoptions, we do cooperate with the Ecuadorian government’s national and international adoption program and policies. There are North American and European adoption agencies that are authorized to direct adoption programs in Ecuador. In order to adopt a child from Ecuador, the adoption must be processed by an Ecuadorian approved agency. Private adoptions in Ecuador are illegal. For more information about Ecuadorian-approved adoption agencies and the adoption process in Ecuador, click here.