Missions House

A big change for Casa de Fe started in October 2017 when teams came to help repurpose part of the school building into a place to house short term missions teams and volunteers. Much of this building has been empty the last few years as the older children at Casa de Fe started attending local schools in an attempt to help bring the budget under control. We believe this new missions housing will be great for many reasons. As Casa de Fe has always struggled financially, the missions house will help fund expenses through having teams stay on site. It will also increase the amount of time teams are able to spend on the property as well as provide a place for periods of downtime and maybe even the occasional nap! Another plus is that teams will be able to be part of more of the normal day to day activities and care of our children. 

Most large projects at Casa de Fe are done through the tremendous help of short term teams. Opening up a wall or two creates the commons area below. 

The new missions housing will have a large commons area that will accommodate meals, events and meetings

No matter what your specialty, Casa de Fe can put you to work. These pictures show the start of one of the bathrooms. Thank you teams for all of your hard work!!

Many hands have helped transform this building into a beautiful place for teams to stay during their visit at Casa de Fe!