Where your money goes

We invite you to take a look at our current budget as we are sure you are curious how your dollars are spent. While the expenses to care for children in Ecuador are considerably less than in the United States, you will see that the operating budget for Casa de Fe is still very significant.  Will you consider partnering with us to help offset the cost of caring for our children in need?

Budget Narrative

Without visiting Casa de Fe it may be hard to visualize many of the expenses of our organization. Please read below for a description of some of the items listed as expenses in the annual budgets above. 

Kitchen Staff

"You've got to be kidding me!! Casa de Fe makes over 55,000 meals a year??". This was a quote from a gentleman visiting Casa de Fe. It seems crazy but the math adds up! Our budgeted kitchen staff consists of a supervisor and and assistant. Many others help, but these two are responsible for making sure the children of Casa de Fe get the nutrition they need to not just survive but to thrive.  Along with preparing meals also comes the clean up. Imagine a stack of 55,000 dirty plates, bowls, cups, forks, knives, and spoons!

Gladys works hard to provide excellent food for the children of Casa de Fe.


Our Tia's (caregivers) are the backbone of Casa de Fe and they budged definately reflects it. The Tia's take care of the needs of the children of Casa de Fe. The night crew helps with food preparation and cleaning. The Tia's also wash laundry, clean, help feed, play with, and take care of all and everything. They are staffed around the clock to make sure that nothing is left undone. 3 shifts a day, seven days a week 52 weeks a year they work to care for the kids. They even go above and beyond by doing the girls hair in crazy fashions and giving them extra special care. 

Security Guards

To insure the safety of our children and staff, we employ guards to watch Casa de Fe at night. While we consider the town of Shell to be a safe area, we all know that there are always things "that go bump in the night". 

Maintenance and Groundskeeping

Casa de Fe employs two men to tend to the groundskeeping, maintenance, and construction on the 3 hectare campus that is Casa de Fe. With the help of visiting teams they tackle projects like building fence, digging drainage ditches, and many other projects for the benefit of Casa de Fe. They also take care of pigs and chickens, tend fruits and vegetables, and fix whatever breaks. They greet every visitor with a smile and they are aways available for a photo op and a laugh or two. 


The education of our children is taken very seriously at Casa de Fe as most of the children who come are significantly behind. Our budget for education is split into a few different areas. 

Special Needs Education- The big expense here is for transportation to and from the Special Needs School. Casa de Fe utilizes the school for its functional special needs children who need extra help due to physical, emotional and mental challenges. At Casa de Fe we do everything we can to give these children their best chance at a productive life. 

On site education- The younger children ages 3-8 benefit from being able to attend school on the grounds of Casa de Fe. 

Off-site education- We have in place different programs for education in order to be able to place children in the atmosphere that best suits their needs. Casa de Fe is continually looking at this area to try to keep costs down while at the same time giving the children their best chance for success. 

Professional Staff

This includes our staff psychologist, social worker and physical therapist. They are responsible for overseeing the overall health and welfare of the children we serve. Much evaluation and documentation must be done for the sake of our children. 

Administrative Staff

The administrative team consists of a Director, HR/Assistant, Accountant, Treasurer, and Lawyer. Our director, along with his assistant are responsible for holding down the fort. His duties include managing the budget, employees, children and projects. The position of director is a new budget item for Casa de Fe as the organization has never had a paid staff member in this particular capacity.  Our accountant ant treasurer work tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure the business end is well taken care of. Our lawyer, Numa, works on behalf of the children with the court system in the areas of foster care and adoption as a constant advocate for our children. 

Medical Expenses

At Casa de Fe our medical needs vary widely from one month to the next. Certain expenses are foreseeable, but many expenses in the area of the medical needs of the children are not. It is the wish of Casa de Fe to not have to turn children away who need medication or medical care. Over the years we have been blessed to be able to cover the expenses of many children needing surgeries, special medical equipment, cancer therapy, and other treatments. 


Food is a large expense item in the budget comes as no surprise.  The food budget includes kitchen expendables, regular food items, and formula for the babies and those who have feeding tubes. Casa de Fe has recently started raising pigs and chickens and has also planted fruits and vegetables as part of a plan to decrease expenses.