Prayer Needs
Staffing Needs

Please keep us in prayer for the following:

  • For discernment in making decisions for the future of Casa de Fe.

  • Finances for Casa de Fe

  • Continued development of spiritual programs 

  • Provision of volunteers 

As you think about how you would wish your children to be treated in the US, it is easy to see that we are missing many key members of our care team. If you have been pondering doing something different with your life we might be able to help! We need help in so many different areas that we are sure you are perfectly qualified to help in one way or another. Below is a list of volunteers we have identified as being needed. However, if you do not see your particular skill set on the list, please contact us. We have been running short-staffed for so long we may have just forgotten what it was like to have everyone possible.  Please click here to find out how you can partner with us here in Ecuador. 

  • English teacher/tutor

  • Nurse/Health Care Manager

  • Physical Therapist or assistant

  • Activities Planner

  • Pastor- Must speak Spanish

  • Marketing/Advertising Professional

    • (could be in the US)

  • Occupational Therapist

  • Construction/Maintenance Mgr.

  • On-Site Teams Coordinator

  • Someone to hold babies and spend time with little ones and special needs children.

Items You Can Bring

At Casa de Fe, we provide care for 40 to 80 children on our campus in Shell, Ecuador. Provision for these beautiful children does not come without cost, and because of this, we ask for your help.  In addition to the regular monthy needs, there are items that need to be replaced from time to time, and there are also items that are not available and/or very expensive to purchase in Ecuador. If you are coming to visit and would like to bring items with you, please see the registry of our needs list below. We hope you will find this to be an easy way to support Casa de Fe.  After purchasing an item to bring, please update the site with the quantity you purchased. Thank you very much for your support!!! 

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